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Free Link Analyzer Tool

Link analyzing tool makes the process of your website links analysis and reviewing very easy so that its not remaining typical any more. When first you enter your website url and then in second when you select your type of link/links then after than proceed. This link analysis tool helps you to provide you the approx ratio or proportion of both internal and external links. After online analysis its proved that too much outbound links are also not good for the health of your website in its performance in search engines. For a healthy website you should use more inbound (inner) links than outbound links. Mainly the more useful for your website is to analyze the links of other websites whose links were existing on your website also this could be done by this tool which can also helps you to determine the information about the anchor text also which can create effect and great impact on your website health.
As a result you will see a table which includes the numbers of both inbound links and outbound links and also the anchor text. If there is any hyperlinks exist at any images of page then as anchor text whatever is written in alt attribute will be displayed. This link analyzer tool can able to check at a time only number of links on one page. This tool can check each of your website pages separately.