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Email Privacy

Now Today the techniques are getting so much highly advance that the information about a user email could be easily hacked or captured easily if there is no protection. This is also called as scrapping in which the hackers used some techniques to extract the users email related information and hacked their email id. So in such difficult cases to prevent yourself and your email ids this email privacy is required. In the presence of any privacy hackers not being able to target over to your email id informations.

This tool helps you by providing you the information about if your email id is secured or not because there existing lots of important informations which could be misused by hackers.  Now this tool prevents you from getting hacked by just entering your url and proceed….then all is done. This tool can be used anytime online directly without any installation and provides you very effective information about your email security. Also while entering your email id on our website also while contacting us, make sure its be hidden so that no one can see that and misuse that.