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Code to Text Ratio Checker

The ratio checker tool has also a very important role in SEO as it helps to create a good page rank. The percentage of actual text content could be measured by this tool very effectively along with HTML, CSS tags also. This also help to increase your page rank in search engine. The text ratio is directly proportional to the page ranking as The page ranking is high if the text ratio is also higher which could then able to gain visitors and more clicks through rates on websites. This will helps a great in marketing also.

 Its also very easy you can use it directly online without downloading it to yoru computer. Just enter the url of website in the below provided box and proceed. It wiil do the rest for you automatically providing you the result without having any special skills or techniques. This tool helps you to follow the google policies also in terms of exact test ratio required according to the google which could improve your page ranks easily and fast.